And Omicron Again!

We may not have heard the last of the prevailing novel Corona Virus Disease global pandemic, better known as COVID-19, as  like a woman under menses keeps changing underwears during the monthly period, the deadly virus keeps changing into  different variants at will without any seeming challenge despite the  untiring  concerted medical and scientific determination deploying the latest in technological and medical advances costing trillions of global currencies with all efforts so far remaining feeble challenges.

The confounding reality is that each succeeding variant comes  more ferocious than its predecessor, translating into more damage, more pain and more loss in life and property.

Within a short time of the Omicron succeeding the Delta, there had been resounding litanies of  agony, excruciating pain, frustration  and depression  occasioned by the unquenchable high appetite for devastation to human life and human wellbeing by this highly unwelcome visitor whose  devastating ways  are  so hidden  that the symptoms identified with it are not easily discernable, thus making it much deadlier than its forebears. Omicron has therefore, climbed up to the apogee of the destructive capability of the greatest enemy of  humanity yet . In the short time that this latest variant had been isolated, it had  caused  quite incalculable damage to both life and social wellbeing. Many deaths had been recorded in the countries where it had been isolated.

Omicron had caused diplomatic rows between hitherto friendly and peaceful countries, some of which had placed others on their red list, denying citizens from such countries  permission to fly in to  their countries.

Just recently, Nigeria had been  added to the red list  by the United Kingdom,  Canada,Saudi Arabia, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.

Following this unhealthy development, Nigeria had weighed the option of reciprocity of action against  Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates by equally putting them on the red list and stopping visitors from these countries flying into Nigeria. These countries had explained their actions on curtailing the spread of the Omicron variant of the Corona Virus Disease.

In taking the retaliatory action against these countries, the Federal Government  had reasonably been informed by the over riding need to keep the Nigerian population  under reasonable levels of safety  with ongoing vaccination campaigns against the disease  being sustained with every iota of seriousness  and sincerity  pending further advances in the containment of the global pandemic, given the unrelenting efforts towards discovering a  medical solution that could stand the test of time, a one-stop solution.  Government should not  relent in the pursuit of innoculation of much of the population with the available  Anti virus infection vaccines. It is also advisable that to prepare to protect themselves against the deceptive Omicron, those that had taken the full jabs should avail themselves for the booster jab in their own interest and that of the generality of the population, because if you protect yourself, you have protected another person and that person equally protects another person and it goes on and on like that.

Government should remain insistent on possession of the COVID-19  vaccination certificate before foreigners are allowed in by air, sea or road  as a vital strategy towards stopping the importation of the virus into the country. Experience had shown that most of the cases isolated in the country  were those  on transit through the country with just a few  local cases. Let all Nigerians especially those that had remained pessimistic over the entire COVID-19 issue to realize that the damaging continuity of the global pandemic  should persuade them to accept the reality of its existence and therefore, embrace all the none pharmaceutical measures  adopted globally to halt its menacing spread pending  the discovery of a cure. It is in this wise  that all conscienable Nigerians  should see cause to be fully immunized with the globally tested and accepted  vaccines and those who have the full jabs should go for the booster jab.

The avaricious virus had remained  disrespectful of status, gender, age or religion in it’s infection and affection.

The president of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa is recuperating in hospital following his recent  infection by the virus  a few days after he had returned from a four Nation West African tour including Senegal.

His infection came despite his being fully vaccinated and this only goes to emphasize the need to remain on guard against exposure.

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