APC legislative candidates unveil agenda

By James Shim

Candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for National and State Assemblies in the 2023 elections have rolled out their legislative agenda if given the mandate.

House of Representatives candidate for Jerchira, Sesoo Gboko, while speaking with The Voice Politics disclosed that his victory is in the people he is seeking to serve.

Gboko said he has been living among the people and has identified their lack, weaknesses and strengths, and would leverage on his experiences and knowledge of their plight for impactful service.

He said he has been living with his people and has been making efforts all the while by intervening in areas of critical infrastructure and was seeking for the position to improve on the scope of programmes initiated with the aim of improving their living standards.

Gboko particularly said he would lay emphasis on improvement in education, health, agriculture and road construction, saying he remained appreciative of what others have contributed and would build upon such legacies.

The House of Assembly candidate for Gwer West, Philip Ugbegi said he intends to improve on the existing political system particularly in his constituency.

“Gwer West apart from the one secondary school that we have, there is no state institution. We have very bad roads but we produce the highest quantity of rice with no processing machinery that can help boost the economy of the area,” he said.

Ugbegi said he would sponsor legislations that will boost the economy of the area.

According to him, this can be done through his lobbying abilities.

The intending lawmaker disclosed that the constituency has benefitted so much from candidates of the APC both for national and state elections and that will count to his advantage.

He encouraged the electorate to pursue and practice the peace APC preaches and avoid violence even in provocative circumstances in the course of the elections.

“No violence, all we are after is victory and we are going to achieve it without violence,” he added.

Also speaking, Matthew Damkor of Tiev Constituency in Vandeikya Local Government,  said he has potentials for greater performance.

To him, despite challenges of finances, and as an opposition party among many others, he was not daunted in spirit and was moving forward with the belief to conquer.

“It is in terms of appropriation of resources that I intend to close the gap in areas of health, water and sanitation, education, health and agriculture

“I am sure of victory, I am sure of my candidate Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia clinching the position of governorship and there will be a lot of benefits, so it’s going to be a plus for me,” he added.

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