Are you affected by poor services of mobile networks?

Of course, the voice and data networks have been very poor in Nigeria recently, particularly with the MTN which seems to be the major service provider in this part of the world. The poor network has obviously affected the internet connectivity, slowing browsing speed, and this situation is affecting all the operators and consumers in this part of the world.

It was learnt however that the network issue is beyond Nigeria, as internet users across the Sub-Sahara Africa are also experiencing the same issue. The slow service is attributed to damages of two undersea cables – WACS and SAT3/WASC cable systems – on the continent’s western coast but providers of these services should try everything they know to figure out alternative routes of communication before the situation becomes unbearable.

Dr Iorwuese Tyôpev (Consultant/Economist)

Yeah! I have been affected by the poor services for a long while now. There is slow data speeds and difficulty with accessing internet and I think I’m not alone to have been confronted with these challenges, other subscribers are also experiencing same situation. I’m using Airtel and it has been very slow. At a point I have upgraded to 3G on my Airtel postpaid SIM card but the internet speed is even slower than 2G.

While in my village I thought it was because I have not been under proper network coverage or may be my network settings are not set to automatic. So I try changing my network settings to automatic and reboot my phone several times but the situation seems not to improve. Once in town, I try to find out what really the situation was and for Airtel I was told that, if my network is not working well, it might be due to the old version of my SIM card.

Mr James Ngusha Shir (Educationalist)

The emergence of Mobile phone service providers in Nigeria, have been so helpful because they have made communication very easy. That is, by making calls, as well as sending and receiving mails.

Speaking further, I am fortunate to have used all the SIM cards of the network service providers. But lately, I withdrew from the MTN due to their poor service around my vicinity (Federal Low cost North Bank, Makurdi) as the difficulties experienced in making and receiving calls, and sending/receiving messages and communication on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, Instagram Etc was having negative effect on me.

Due to poor services around me, I was left with no choice but to change to Glo services with the number maintained.

Mr Victor Vershima Jirgba (Applicant).


Despite paying high charges for services used, i don’t often enjoy it because I find difficult to even download a photo on WhatsApp or files from my email account. The most annoying thing is that, for some time now, when making or receiving calls, it just drops, and sometimes it is noisy during a call.

I think those of living in this part of the country are not getting what we pay for. In fact, mobile networks make me cry at times. I am really affected by the poor service of mobile network providers and I use Airtel and NTN.

If you called the customer care service unit and asked about the poor quality network signal or miniscule data speed, you hear many excuses like network coverage issues. I am still unable to understand what exactly this means. Most of the times when the network became unfriendly, I restart my phone or my device, remove the SIM card and insert it back. .

Dorcas Paul (Gospel Minister)

I can guess correctly that every Nigerian, has at one time or the other, been affected by poor services of the so-called network providers. Let me say, it is a normal thing now that Nigerians are now conversant with it. However, one always feel heartbroken when this occurs because there is nothing as irritating as not enjoying what you pay for.

Recently, I missed a wedding feast that I had already planned to attend. This was because, I was to send an emergency report. And it took me more than an hour to do what ordinarily, should have been done within five minutes, due to poor network. And this compelled my moving from pillar to post in search of network despite the enough data bundle that I had.

I think the time is long overdue for network service providers to upgrade their systems and look for strategic ways that would bring lasting solutions to this hydra-headed demon called poor network.

Michael Tolu Adeyomoye (Public health worker)

Yes, I have been experiencing bad network for some time now. I have been a subscriber of the MTN network for a long time and their services had been very good before now.

Recently, I started having difficulties in communicating with my customers, family and friends due to poor reception. The mobile phone indicator shows full signal, but you cannot make a phone call these days. If I call Mr A, it will connect but Mr B will say not available. This obstruction is posing a lot of inconveniences to me, especially as a business man, I need good network to communicate with my customers.

It has succeeded in giving my business a bad image. I expect the service providers to resolve the issue because I believe satisfying their customers should be their priority.

Ahmed Endu Hashim, (Businessman)

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