BESEVIC, Tech4her trains 30 Benue girls on ICT

By Faith Igbudu

In a bid to close the gap on girl child participation and opportunities in technology related disciplines, Tech4her, an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related non governmental organization has in collaboration with the Benue State e-Learning/Virtual Education and ICT Resource Centre (BESEVIC), trained 30 Benue girls on ICT.

The training is aimed at bringing the girls up to speed on basic computer knowledge in the area of emails, website design, graphics design and other basic operations of the computer.

Speaking at the end of the training, Thursday, Resource Person for the training, Mr David Gambe said the training will boost the confidence and participation of the girl child in the tech industry which will make the state proud. He said every training given to a woman is for the benefit of the unborn child.

According to him, in the history of computer development, women have been behind the successes recorded but sadly they have been stereotyped.

“Tech for her is a vision borne out of the need to give back to the society. Our target is to train young ladies within the ages of 14 to 17 in the technology world. We cover areas like web designing, graphics designing and content creation so as to narrow the gap that has being created in the tech world by the male child.

“We started on the 8th of August, 2022. Our hope with this project is to develop the capacity of the girl child in order to have some outstanding ladies in Benue who will commandeer the tech world.

“Women have always been in the shadows in successes recorded in the tech world globally. It is true that men have dominated the field but the truth is all successful men were backed up by women. It is something that the world needs to know that is why no child should be treated differently as all children are equal. It is said that, when you train a man you give him the tools to survive but when you train a woman, you train a nation.

“In instilling this values to these girls, we are certain that it will play out well as they will be a good guide to their children and those around them,” he stated.

He explained that overtime, women have been relegated to the background when it comes to technology issues, saying this has affected their interest and participation.

“The girl child has been greatly underestimated. In some societies, people don’t even bother training the girl child, saying it is waste of time. If the plans are good, the potential of the girl child will come out,” he added.

Earlier, Team Lead (BESEVIC), Terwase Gbande, maintained that the state government is leaving no stone unturned in digital literacy of the Benue child. He said in order to be relevant in today’s world, there is the need to build up computer knowledge and skills.

Some beneficiaries of the training, Lahave Mchivir and Appi Tumam, lauded the initiative. They said it has given them the needed confidence in the area of computer operation. They said the lessons learnt will be beneficial to them in furtherance of their education.

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