Can you renounce your family for the love of your spouse?

Kevin Aleva

My family has been very good to me and for that reason, I cannot think of renouncing a family that had always welcomed me back with open arms for the love for my spouse.

I’m mindful of the fact that romantic relationship generates warm and wonderful feelings but that is not to say, I can make a renunciation of my family for its sake.

Family is the only group of people that are naturally related to each other. You have other circle of friends and acquaintances which its formations are by choice but family members are descendants of the same lineage by the makings of God.

Family, is the first point where your life begins and you can always fall back to them for help without disappointment. I’m aware that true love is everything, it is almost equal to the family but once it is demanding renouncement of my family, I will reject it vehemently with a protest.

Comrade Kevin Aleva (Businessman)


Sandy Uloko

Whatever it is, I cannot renounce my family for the love for my spouse, rather I would put in place things or ideas in order to make them accept my spouse.

I will have a frank conversation with them to know why they don’t like my spouse or disapprove of my marriage, after which I will calmly and respectfully allow them to voice out their objections.

It may turn out to be because they have not had the chance of really knowing my spouse or maybe their opposition is based on misunderstanding. There is also the possibility that my family may have a legitimate issue which by divine intervention might be resolved as we forge ahead.

I will on my part, try my best to get my parents to know and understand my spouse.

I will also make them know why I have made the right choice and if possible have both families dine together and listen to each others’ views.

Sandy Uloko(Community Health Worker)


Sunny Smith

I cannot renounce my family for the love that I have for someone else. Remember, this is a people that I have been through thick and thin with, I grew up with and whatever that I am or have today, they played a major role in getting me to that point.

So if question should come to me at the point of marriage, when I will need to choose a bride who must not be that one woman that would put me at logger heads with my family thereby, putting me in a position where I would be caught in between choosing my family or her. Of course marriage plays an important role in the fulfillment of one’s destiny and as such it is a critical factor that calls for prayers so that you don’t make a choice you would live to regret. Marriage itself is a momentous occasion in the life of someone that needs their family to show them great joy so when it comes to marriage, choosing between your family and spouse should never arise rather the focus should be doing the will of God.

Sunny Smith (Music Instructor)


Deborah Jirgba

Am I mad? I cannot give up my family for anything else. Even if there was anything like a second world, I will not come back to it, and renounce my family for the love for my spouse no matter how profound or intense the relationship might appear to be.

I say this because, firstly, my immediate family is everything to me. My mother and siblings are part of the reasons why I am alive and who I am today.

Secondly, my family is part of me and it would not be easy for me to separate with them for whatever reasons. This is because we are genetically related.

You can easily part ways with your spouse and still find love elsewhere but that will not be cheap or possible with a family. And lastly, a family is said to be the most significant unit of the society and it is also a lineage. Therefore, when one does not belong to a family, it means he or she is not part of the society.

Miss Deborah Jirgba (Student)


Saanmoiyol Wombo

Of course I can. That is, if God shows me that the relationship that I’m involved in is the the right one and I’m hundred percent sure that my happiness is her priority. True love is unconditional and the chemistry behind it doesn’t give one an option, once it is conceived.

People have changed their jobs, businesses, careers, residences and their entire lifestyle just because of love without any regrets once they are meant for each other.

Love should not be misconstrued with royalty and class consciousness. God’s design for love has nothing to do with background, material possessions or financial status.

There is nothing as beautiful and totally satisfying as true love is. It is always fresh and the attraction can bring two wonderful people to tie together irrespective of their background, interest, belief, race, ethnicity and so on.

So love relationships should never be based on any considerations because you need to not only like each other but love each other as well.

Prince Saanmoiyol Wombo


Victory Isichei

No. I can’t renounce my family because a family sticks together more than any other bond.

A man can actually change his mindset and decide to go or call off an engagement, but a family will always open their arms to embrace their own.

The union between a man and woman is said to be like a flood-prone area and anyone going to such an area of land is liable to fall down at anytime. This implies that even the holy matrimonies that are solemnized by spiritual leaders, sometimes end in a divorce.

A family is the point of contact and in an event that a marriage becomes toxic or unbearable, you fall back to it. This invariably means that the family is the cornerstone of your basic importance. So it portends a great danger for anyone to renounce the cornerstone for the sake of love that can disappoint at anytime.

So no matter the strong feelings of love that you have got for someone, try to convince them, pray and definitely, if it is the will of God, it will work and if it is not then both lovers will have to move their separate ways rather than renounce the family ties

 Victory Isichei   (spinster)


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