Cholera outbreak kills three in Abinsi

By Ann Ngbea

Cholera outbreak in Abinsi, Guma Local Government has killed three children.

Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Dr Joseph Ngbea who announced this in an interview with newsmen over the weekend said, the outbreak was detected two days ago.

Dr Ngbea said so far, 20 patients have been treated of the ailment, while six were still on admission at Primary Healthcare Centre, Abinsi.

According to the Health Commissioner, upon receipt of alert of suspected cases of cholera, the ministry drafted a medical team, led by Director, Public Health, Ministry for Health and Human Services, Dr Terna Kur and Incident Manager, Emergency Operation Centre, Dr Terungwa Ngishe, who confirmed the outbreak after diagnosis.

He stated that Governor Samuel Ortom, through the ministry has released N3.1 million naira for emergency response for the cholera outbreak in Obagaji, Agatu Local Government and Abinsi in Guma Local Government.

He advised people of the state to maintain personal hygiene, drink water from clean sources and purify their water to prevent further outbreak of the disease.

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