Compromising authenticity for money

By Terese Tse

The level of quality, achievement among others, that is considered acceptable or desirable is in many instances traded for money in our society today. The ideas that are morally correct and acceptable behaviours that should be used for judgements about the quality of other things are often compromised. Almost all aspects of human endeavours have been trucked for money. education, judiciary, religion, politics, sports, marriages, recruitment and many others have been sold out for money. This is a worrisome and disturbing trend but it is a reality that has lived with us for so long.

Positive virtues such as honesty, enthusiasm, hard work, determination, passion, perseverance and persistence which are some good prescriptions for achieving genuine success in every facet of life are often relegated to the background because of money. Believers are just as guilty as non believers and even worse, we are obsessed with financial gains which give birth to wrong measurement of success and evaluation of legacy.

Eminent distinguishable personalities with proven integrity, credentials and potentialities, capable and willing to advance the fortunes of a certain group of people are in many cases denied a chance to actualize their wishes on the grounds that they are inconspicuous. Oftentimes, flamboyant personalities with no agenda of the people at heart and nothing much to offer are elected into leadership positions against those who have honest intentions. This is the major cause of our backwardness and this is why we get many things wrong as a nation. Political leaders ought to have a definite sense of direction and purpose for the people they represent. Politics should not be viewed as a business venture and money should not be a determining factor for selecting leaders. Politics should be seen as a deliberate platform of service to humanity and its leaders should be chosen from men and women of substance with curiosity and anxiety to live for their subjects.

Money has also paralyzed our educational system a great deal. Studies have shown that many schools without basic facilities are given official approval to operate because owners of such institutions have given money to the appropriate bodies in charge of accreditation of schools to disregard proper procedures. The ministry of education that should condemn this illegal development is engrossed in this act. Money seems to be the language that everybody understands. Some students pay money to gain admission into higher institutions of learning and are being considered over those with requisite qualifications and this obviously, give rise to examination malpractice and contribute to the fallen standard of education.

Marriage that is supposed to be a life commitment has also been traded for money. God’s design for marriage was never to make partners miserable but we turn this design to a complex subject chiefly because of money. The long-term benefits of marriage are often sacrificed by short term thrills and often reduced for business opportunities, career opportunities, social prestige and financial security. Many parents refused to bless the marriages of their children because their intending partners were not financially stable. You are judged and considered by what you have got. You are a good son in-law once you come from a noble background and you are financially equipped. You are not worthy even if you are stunning and alluring but hails from a humble background and struggle to make ends meet. This is how many have missed the opportunities of making happy homes which is the paramount thing in marriage and this is why many marriages have falling apart. Others who insist on keeping faith to such unhealthy marriages have practically become slaves who have no minds on their own in the marriages and live at the mercy of their partners who play games with their hearts and snap at them at the slightest complaint, all in the name of money.

Recruitment in organizations, companies, military and paramilitary is also sold for money; it goes to the highest bidder not minding if he has requisite training and readiness to do the job. Money has taken attention off the enthusiasm and excitement for the job but these are the greatest and highest considerations for any job. There is nothing as amazing and totally satisfying as doing what you love to do but money has reversed that today.

Recruitment into almost every human endeavour is bought and sold. This has killed the morale and passion about tasks and jobs. Let us take the case of Nigeria Police Force as an example. These are men and women who are assigned significant roles of protection of lives and property. So enlistment of these young people under right circumstances should be drawn from those who have wishes and lofty aspirations for the job of ensuring the security and welfare of the people. Those who are willing to risk their lives under the sun and rain with dedication and faithfulness to duty. These guys are supposed to be given proper orientation and be made to understand that they are not above the law and the ordinary citizenry but rather servants of the people. Erring members of the force should be exposed and punished for their misdeeds to serve as a deterrent to other officers and men who have shown cross professionalism but money has compromised all of these.

Sporting activities are not left out in the trend of trading standard for money. These are sensitive things that money shouldn’t buy but we live in an era that trades everything for money without reservations. Sports are innate talents that an individual possesses, so it is more fascinating and rewarding when a man identifies his talents and moves towards a particular direction. Everybody ought to have a direction for something positive that makes sense rather than using money to accomplish something that they were not properly destined to do. Let us take an example of football in this case. You join your national team and you are expected to play a key role for the team but you are not skillful enough to be there, you are there because someone gave more money that has withdrawn a far more better qualified person from the race to place you instead. This is an abuse of norms and it rather removes the drama of the competition, to authenticity, and the intense interest in the league.

The process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals in the court of laws has also been exchanged for money. Justice has on several occasions been denied or sold for money. There are humble people who have done good deeds throughout their lives and helped so many people in their own little way but because they are not financially gallant, others who are more endowed than them financially speaking, bought legal rights and forcefully collect their properties. Some hoodlums have killed many souls and are supposed to serve life term jails but money has released them and they are going about as free people why others who have been innocent and do not commit any crime on their own are thrown behind the bars for life because they have no funds to speak on their behalf. This is a situation in which we find ourselves as a nation. Many destinies have been cut short because of money.

The clergy who are supposed to be pure in heart and faithful servants of God, who should obey all the laws and devote themselves totally to righteous living and pleasing to God for others to emulate have disappointedly traded their dignity for money today. They have violated the standards and indulged in dishonourable behaviours with the world for financial gains. Affairs of Christians nowadays are mostly driven by things of the flesh rather than spirit. Selection of leaders of religious organizations is often enticed with money contrary to the initial believe which was honesty. Prosperity is the central message in many of our churches today. Many clerics are brief on salvation that is deliverance from the power and effects of sin. We have traded everything for money.

We should at this moment think about what we have traded for money in our lives both at individual levels and groups. This will help us to make meaning, realignments and readjustments as a nation and make right choices and pursue those objectives that drive prosperity to us, the society and generations to come.

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