He Gave

By Timothy Dun Simon
That day in the Church
He gave so much
All with glittering pride
The substance of his decision
It was a building project launch
Attended by heavyweights of Christians-in-politics
Who came with pied personality glamour
And ethereal allegiance to his God
That day in the Church
With a heart outside the Church
The Pastor carefully gave him every pecuniary attention
Elders and Deacons fiercely ran dedicated errands
That day in the Church
Included in his entourage were
The Priest of his major cult
And the priestess of his romantic world
After that day in the Church
Incessantly, tongues of men decorated him
With uncommon praise diction
Which only he knew he never deserved
Ostensibly not at peace with himself
He desired the company of true believers
When he was going west
He regretted giving his heart to Satan.

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