History ensconces Joe Biden


As you set eyes on this article to keep a date with Parallax, history had been made on Wednesday, January20, 2021, when Republican Donald Trump, who had been massively rejected at the polls by the American electorate in the November2020 presidential poll and at the Electoral College, but mischievously held back concession of defeat to former vice president Joe Biden of the Democratic party, who had been overwhelmingly voted into office by Americans.

Former President Donald Trump finally left office for Joe Biden who entered history as the oldest President of the USA ever at 78.

His malfeasance during the post-election and run-up to the inauguration of the succeeding president was steeped deeper in dishonour when he allegedly rallied his supporters to swarm up on the Capitol, venue for the inauguration, in violence, a most despicable act, unbecoming of a great statesman that he was expected to be, having just left office as president of the United States of America, which could well be said to be the most respected and powerful person in the world.

So the truism that the only thing that is permanent in life is change has remained so in the Life of Mr. Donald Trump, who had proven in his unbecoming actions while in office that he was after all human. So from Wednesday, 20 January, 2021, Mr Trump, the billionaire descended from the highest office in the land to being just another American citizen that he had so much disrespected while in office and caused so much pain and grief through careless acts as one to whom their destinies were entrusted for protection. Worst still, he was unwilling to properly assuage their feelings by his pompous actions and utterances.

By now, Donald Trump may have returned to his vast multi-million Dollar economic empire, away from

Mr Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has now comfortably settled in the Oval Office as the 46th president of the United States of America to now put paid to the issue of a Donald Trump electoral outcome dispute.

Having served previously as vice president to the first black president of the United States of America, Kenyan African American Barack Obama, Joe Biden returned to power not as a novice but as someone who had previously handled that position in acting capacity whenever his principal had been away from Washington District of Colombia by occasion of leave, tour or indisposition as the situation may have demanded.

Joe Biden has also made history as he made Kamala Harris not just the first female to hold that position in America history but by the virtue of the appointment, she equally became the most powerful woman in the world.

It was never known at any one time whether Biden ever had serious confrontation with his principal that became open knowledge. However the case with Trump was such that he and his vice president, Mr Mike Pence were said to be at daggers-drawn to the extent that in the twilight of their tenure in office, Pence was reported to have kept his distance.

Now history had been made with Joe Biden having Ms Kamala Harris as the first black person to be vice president of the United States of America.
The agenda of President Joe Biden would surely begin with the reinfusion of confidence in the leading economy of the world which had suffered grievous hurt by the unyielding invasion of the global Corona Virus Disease pandemic, a situation which Trump badly handled and which most probably scorched his political hands and informed his political devaluation in the hands of the American electorate. Another important issue which Joe Biden must necessarily devote much attention to would be mending thawed relations with other nations which the former president harmed in his overzealotry, especially in the Eastern Bloc, anchored by Russia and China, the latter which he perceived as an economic threat to the supreme economic wellbeing of the United States of America and which situation he could not effectively manage as expected of someone in his position holding massive advantages of office than his opposite number in Parking.

Of immediate attention before touching the agenda is addressing the health of American citizens who had fallen in hundreds of thousands across the country to the dreaded global Corona Virus pandemic which his predecessor failed to address properly and displayed a negative attitude as a leader who himself had fallen victim to the dreaded virus but had been fortunate enough to have been successfully hospitalized, treated and discharged to live to the end of his tenure as president of the United States of America and remain alive to tell the story of his experience in the White House some day.

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