How Dr Terkura Suswam was gruesomely murdered

By Tahav Agerzua

Chief Executive Officer of Ashitech Conglomerate, Chief Dr Terkura Suswam, supervised the construction of a drainage and the painting of a security post directly opposite the main gate of his palatial Anyiin house, in Logo local government area of Benue state.

At the close of day, he sat within the premises of Elohim Plaza, also his property, nearby and sorted out the labourers.

One of his close aides, Solomon Utanor, was still with him after others had left. The time was about 8 pm on Tuesday, 2nd March, 2021.

An eyewitness, who said he sat at a nearby drinking spot opposite the Plaza stated that some people came in a car and parked close to the joint which made him think they came to drink.

“But when I observed closely, I think they were three in the car, but only one of them came down with a gun and quickly crossed the road in a bent posture and was moving towards where Chief Dr Suswam was sitting,” he said.

“I shouted and called Solomon to alert him that someone was approaching with a gun and he rushed to close the gate but it was too late, the gun man shot him in the stomach and Chief Dr Suswam who was nearby on the chest and back several times.”

The witness stated that the Chief collapsed and died at the spot while Solomon ran out and died in a pool of blood, nearby.

Another eyewitness, added that the gunmen came through Ugba-Anyiin road and after they executed their evil plan, still followed the same route back to wherever they came.

He said the bottle of water which Chief Dr Suswam had, his telephones and walking stick were later picked up at the scene while his body was deposited at NKST Hospital, Anyiin.

Another resident of Anyiin, recalled hearing some students of Ashi Polytechnic, saying that the deceased had told them before he met his death that if killing him would end insecurity in the area, he was ready to pay the supreme price.

Meanwhile, residents of Anyiin are lamenting the loss of a man they described as “a true community leader and bridge builder”.

Former Chairman, State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, Benue, Mr Anum Iho, said the Tiv nation and Benue had lost a rare gem.

Iho described the deceased as a ” true community leader and selfless person”.

He disclosed that few days ago, a letter was dropped inside the compound of the deceased stating that they would kill Senator Gabriel Suswam, Engineer Cephas Suswam or him.

“They were looking for an opportunity to actualize their evil intentions and have been watching him for sometime. The attack was properly planned,” he said.

Head of Tingir family, Mr Joseph Tingir,  who is the administrator of NKST Hospital,  Anyiin said that he received the sad news of his brother’s death with shock and disbelief.

“When I heard the news I did not believe it. I thought it was not possible for gun men to carry out attacks in our community in that manner.”

“But after making some calls, I discovered that it was true that my brother was killed,” he said.

Agerzua is the Principal Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor on Culture and Tourism.

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