How good a student are you?

Helen Jabba

Of course I am, because I have the ability to integrate into any kind of formal learning environment that I find myself.

Being a good student does not necessarily mean scoring high marks in tests or examinations but also showing love for learning, passion to acquire knowledge and the hunger to develop and grow academically.

A good student has the mindset of learning and this makes them grow.

A good student is brave and is ready to take risks when garnering experiences. He or she is quick to discern what he or she love and loathes.

A good student is highly organized, he or she studies as many courses as possible with different lecturers with high expectations.

Miss Helen Jabba (Student)


Elizabeth Ochowechi

I’m a good student because I have been consistent and persistent in learning. If you take for example the process we went through when we were learning how to read, we started it step by step, from holding a book the right way, recognizing the letters, the phonetics, years of practicing and finally the fluency.

It is not of course hard learning to read for neurotypical kids, but you have to develop it by building blocks and committing them to regular practice which I have always had the willingness to. And this is the curiosity that has contributed to my success as a good student.

Failure is the greatest tool in a learning process and as a good student, I’m able to deal with failure. Unfortunately, many students are simply overwhelmed by the feeling of failure rather than being able to stand back and look at the lessons it can teach.

Miss Elizabeth Ochowechi (Student)


Rita Ugondo

I know I’m a good student because I partner with my teachers and lecturers, and you will agree with me that students’ relationship with their lecturers is fundamental to their success in school.

Good students recognize that their instructors are their allies. The importance of this relationship is shown in the ground-breaking research carried out by Professor John Hattie.

We tend to see this relationship as being completely in the hands of the teacher but that should not be the case. Good students contribute towards creating this strong relationship. They recognize their teachers as valuable resources that they need to work with as partners.

Good students participate in class activities, ask questions, and book appointments with their teachers in order to get assistance in whatever topic they found difficulties in if need be.

I personally belong to this category of students.

Miss Rita Mngueshima Ugondo (Student)


Charity Ekima

Yes, I’m a good student because I have set my goals and then put aside any form of distraction that would stand on the way to actualizing them.

On many occasions, I have had the cause to breaking down big goals, like solving big problems, innovating or achieving higher grades.

And because I have been able to connect learning to life and see my studies in the context of a wider world, I can read, observe and discuss world issues and ideas on a regular basis. This is another testimony of being a good student.

I try as much as possible to be free from stress because it is very difficult to learn when you are in that state. I have also learned the emotional regulation skills which are required for creating calm and in a sense, flow so that it could be easier to achieve more success.

Miss Charity O. Ekima (Student)


Comfort Agbaji

I’m a good student because I’m easily motivated to learning and I have so much confidence in myself.

I pay attention to lecturers with fascination as it unfolds and I don’t associate myself with students that distract ones attention.

I greet my lecturers and schoolmates always when I see them and try to help anyone that is in dire straits.

I manage my time well as it goes the popular saying, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It is confirmed that studying all night and not playing stresses you up and makes you forget everything that you have studied the next morning. So as a good student, I play for about two hours every day.

Miss Comfort Agbaji (Student)


Queen Duku

I know I’m a good student. Studies have shown that good students embrace education and as such, are likely to succeed in life, particularly when they come from such homes where there are books and the parents themselves engage in learning because they value education.

This is the kind of home that I come from so I value education too.

Not only that, I make friends with students that are brilliant and smart who whenever we meet, we hardly talk about anything else, than engage in conversations that are basically on the educational system. We talk about the last/incoming exams and matters that are of human interest. We don’t go to clubs and parties because when you return from such places at night, you have hangover that will not let you study your books.

I’m committed to my studies such that I have set a timetable for myself which shows the hours for studies and for recreation.

Miss Queen Doowuese Duku (Student)

















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