How to keep healthy relationships without money

 By Terese Tse

Money is a value for exchange and many people come to believe that, it is the determining factor for every success including romantic relationships but this is not completely true. It is still very possible for two persons with compatibility to have a happy and successful relationship or even get married without money.

A genuine woman can live happily with a man without money, same with a real man. The fact that a man is not rich does not mean he is completely empty, no, he has little that can take care of the basic necessities of life and a right thinking woman is content with such a man. The woman’s definition of a rich man is flamboyancy, having a lot of money and material possessions. Though this article acknowledges that money is good because it promotes romantic relationships but nevertheless, be considered as a tool that brings about the real happiness.

We ought to be mindful of the relationships we keep because whenever we talk about relationship, it is our lives that we are talking about. Men, particularly should be careful when it comes to choosing their life partners.

Some persons are hungry and are only craving for people who will feed their empty bellies. They are not after compatibility, all they need is comfort and financial security. Their loyalty lies in the money you are giving them and is withdrawn the moment you are broke. They hunt for people who can spend lavishly on their wants, not needs, but an ideal woman is happy and content with a man who is not rich but has direction and determination.

People often confuse happiness with excitement but these are two different things. Happiness comes naturally and is forever but excitement on the other hand comes from things that are detachable and dies the moment these things are detached.  This is why sometimes people think they are happy once their material desires, like getting promotions at their places of work, buying of private jets, cars, Android telephones, new dresses among other things are accomplished but after getting all of these things, would still not find happiness because happiness itself is priceless.

Happiness is a deliberate choice that is engineered by oneself irrespective of sex, status and religion. Financial acquisitions is not synonymous to happiness, what makes you happy are the things you underrated. If material possessions were a license to happiness, you wouldn’t have miserable wealthy men and happy destitute people in the society.

The truth is, you cannot escape the realities of life, whether you are living in the palace or mansions, you will still come out and be held behind by traffic on our bad roads and be occasionally compelled to stand on long queues for fuel.

This article is reminding women to be roots such that men that come in their lives shall prosper. Be a blessing to someone that comes to you instead of crushing on him because of his wealthiness. Do not take advantage of any man that comes to you and see him as your source of revenue generation. Be ready to invest in a relationship rather than drain it. A good woman is one that is instrumental to the success of her man, so any woman who has been in a relationship with a man for sometime and the union has not recorded an achievement, is a complete failure.

A woman was meant to be a man’s helper, a companion who should challenge her man to achieve his highest potentials. Any person who keeps demanding and would eat everything she sees on the table without   thinking of investing or planting for tomorrow is unworthy companionship.

Prostitution began from a great desire for food, a severe lack of food that confronts irresponsible ladies who do not have the patience to genuinely make a home with a man. Those ladies who are not ready for true love that is said to be kind and unselfish and desires what is best for the other person. The love that is willing to sacrifice for better and for worst.

What our society basically needs is awarenesses not wealth. It is ignorance that makes people poor not spiritual forces from their villages as some would allege. We live in the society that misplaced its priorities and is consumed by trivial issues, instead of preaching the truth to those who are ignorant; we talk about the latest TV reality shows, the price of fuel among others.

What differentiates an intelligent person from a fool is what he knows. So we need to devote ourselves to the pursuit of knowledge because, this is the only key that will free us from bondage.

It is time to rebrand ourselves and search for true happiness that last. Build your confidence and trust in your efforts and you will certainly be happy. We ought to amend our ways positively to be happy. It is so disappointing that in this era, we still have people who stick to their old ways of doing things and refuse to key into the modern trends of digital advancement.

A sure way to be happy is to rebrand yourself and continually adopt to new changes. Rebranding can do many things and here comes a time for whosoever that has been living a negative life because of wrong thinking from the mind that generate unhappiness to do a meaningful readjustment and get his priorities right. We can change our jobs, homes, diets, and wardrobes – all for the purpose to better ourselves. We need to physically make these changes ourselves to be adaptable and appealing to the demands and elementary challenges of modern living.

The way businesses often rebrand to create different identity for a brand, giving a new name, symbol, or change in design for an already established brand is the same way we should at some points in our lives arise and lend ourselves to change, or even necessitate one.











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