I desire to change my people’s narrative – Waku

Angela Jingi Waku, is the House of Representatives Candidate of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), for the Gwer/Gwer West Federal Constituency in the forthcoming 2023 elections. She spoke to The Voice Politics Desk on why she should be voted against the men in the race.

How did you develop interest in politics?

Sometimes ago, my father in-law told me they were having some challenges in the village ranging from difficulties in accessing portable water, roads and many other key social amenities. He told me that when his father was alive, the father’s desire was to join Politics.  And he asked me if I have the interest and I agreed. My father in-law was very happy and said if I have interest he will support me fully so that one day I will be able to help the people. That is how I started developing interest.

What is giving you confidence that you can be given the people’s mandate?

It is on a number of factors. I can say it is on the sharing principle. By that I mean it is my people’s turn to occupy the position, it is our turn. It is zoned to Gwer, specifically Injiriv, more specifically, Uger and not just Uger, the Mbalom, Mbatanya, where I come from. So it is our turn. Again, I think I have the capacity and more importantly, the people called me out for it.

Why should your candidature attract people of your constituency?

I am a woman and by implication, a mother. I know better what it takes to build up a home and the society because a woman is the home maker and the greatest asset of any community. So people know that as a woman, if I am given the opportunity I will be able to support the Youths and women.

How do you feel contesting against men who are perceived to be political weights?

I am not bothered. I am not afraid about them because I believe in my advantages against them. The zoning favours me. The people are also for me. And I am going there with a clear conscience to help my people and ensure that I better their lot.

What specifically would you do differently from others who had occupied this position before and those who are contesting with you?

I am a mother; and I am honest. And I know that I am going to do what the people want. I am not going for personal gains but collective bargain.  What ever I am going to do there is to support the community of Gwer/Gwer West, that has been suffering deprivations. For instance, we have three major problems in the constituency. One is insecurity. We have large farm lands but our people can not farm because of attacks. So if I am there I will ensure that government provides them with adequate security, even if it means having security permanently there. I will also try to boost mechanized agriculture. Other problems are lack of good roads, water, good schools and general infrastructure. It is my candid desire to change this narrative for the good of my people. I am interested in sponsoring bills on education, water, security, widow hood, women and youths development.

How do you think you can generate money to fund all these things?

I am willing to sacrifice the little I have to support my people. I don’t know what is there yet but I feel the little that will come my way from there will help a great deal. I know I am a good manager of resources.  I have trained my children as a single mother with the little I have. I have a small school in North Bank and I used the lean resources to train my children to the university. I will expand that school. And I am a farmer in both crop and animals, and can expand the scope so to touch more people. I can also encourage others in my Constituency to engage in similar ventures.

Why do you think the PRP platform will help you actualize this dream?

It is not all about party platform. My people called me out for this and I don’t think they will disappoint me. It is about the people who want me there and who have confidence and faith in me. They can sacrifice for me to be there.

What have you done to your people previously that you feel has called for the desire to represent them?

My in-laws will testify to that. That I have been of immense contribution and I have been showing serious concerns to their issues. The women there can also testify how I supported them financially and morally.

What is your assessment on the impact of the electoral reforms on the ongoing electioneering process?

The reforms are reassuring and giving the people hope of better election results. However, this is Nigeria, and I can only pray that INEC implement them to the latter. Let them keep to their commitment and give us what we expect of them.

What is your advice prospective electorate?

Let them vote wisely. Let them not go after money that will make them mortgage their conscience. They should look out and vote for the right person.

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