I want to marry, I regret removing my testicle to serve God, man cries out

By Moses Mbaiorga, Gboko

A 40-year-old man, Mr Terhemen Anongo from Gboko town of Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State who recently removed his testicle to enable him wholeheartedly serve God has regretted his action.

Anongo before he castrated himself, had claimed that his genital glands were luring him to womanise, preventing him from serving God with all his body and soul.

But speaking with The Voice in an exclusive interview, Anongo who said it was ignorance that led him into the regrettable act, however, vowed never to try it again by removing his second testis. He insisted he would now get married and bear children.

“No, I won’t try that again. I was stupid to have done that and I think I was cursed to behave that way.

“I thought I was doing it to free myself from women’s distraction that normally hinders me from serving God to my satisfaction, without realising there is no literal meaning to the Bible injunction that says one should remove whatever stops him from worshipping God.

“I am praying that may God help me get a wife and bear children that would be called my own.

“It was even idiotic and anathema for me to do self-castration because Matthew 5:30 and Mark 9:43 where I derived inspiration cannot be given a literary interpretation. I pray God to give me a wife so as to bear my own children,” Anongo stated.

The Voice reports that Anongo, popularly known as Doc K, is an indigene of Tarka Local Government Area but resident in Gboko town of the state.

He was a final year medical student of the University of Ibadan in Oyo state, before he was forced to abandon the programme in 2007, due to psychological illness.

It was further learnt that Anongo had picked appointment with TBT Secondary School, Wannune, in Tarka Local Government Area, as Chemistry and Physics teacher but did not produce the expected results because of his psychological imbalance.

Further findings revealed that he ventured into wheelbarrow pushing at the main market in Gboko town to enable him fend.

According to family sources, Anongo has penchant for reading the Bible and newspapers on daily basis, after returning from the market where he pushes wheelbarrow. He preaches the word of God often.

Before the sad incident, he had told his closest friends that women were preventing him from worshiping God and that removing his genital could quench his sexual urge, and pave him the way to be more dedicated and committed to the Lord’s works.

Sources further disclosed that Anongo had consulted three clinics in Gboko town to have his testicle removed but failed, before he later did it himself. He is being treated at Baki Clinic, Gboko.

Of course, people that know Anongo in Gboko admitted that although physically fit, always neat, vibrant, sociable and not violent, he sometimes exihibits abnormal behaviour.

But while speaking with The Voice, Anongo alleged that his immediate family was behind his predicament, reason he vacated his late father’s house located at GRA, Gboko, and now lives alone.

Meanwhile, a medical expert with the Federal Medical Centre Owo, Ondo State, Dr Tarpav Saasaa Paul, in a telephone interview with The Voice said, “the remaining testicle will perfectly perform the function as if they are two.”

However, Tarpav noted that “if the remaining testis is not in good condition, he may have slim chances of impregnating a woman.”

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