I’ll Not Return To Baka Music- Osaze

By Mbaiorga Moses, Gboko

Following the recent baptism of a renowned Benue-based baka artiste, Mr Terfa Gbateman, alias Osaze, by Apostle Mathew Hwande of Salvation of Christ Family Ministries, Makurdi with a new name Thaddeus, fans were not convinced and hold that the traditional musical ace would still return to what he knew how to do best as it was his major source of income and livelihood.

Osaze’s music producer, Aondofa Ukor Emmanuel, popular called Baba Slowingz was not exempted from the speculation as he had also published a conflicting report on his confirmed Facebook page, that his client would not quit traditional music, despite the baptism.

He said, “am not Terfa Osaze Gbateman’s manager, am his official producer, friend and brother; we have been friends for over eight years now. I introduced him to the music business, he was playing baka just like every other baka you know about in the state before I met him. He came to my studio and we worked, I understand his music life more than even his wife.

“Osaze was only baptised he did not stop playing baka, why will he stop playing baka when baka is his major source of income; am not talking as his manager but his producer,” he concluded.

However, the Tiv traditional music superstar, Thaddeus Terfa Gbateman has come out on his confirmed Facebook page to pour cold water on the prospect of going back to his past,  stressing that he will never return to his former way of life and asked all to resist the temptation of praying for his second coming but support his conversion.

Osaze further described the rumour making rounds that his repentance is half-way and he will definitely go back to the world as baseless imagination, emanating from busy bodies.

While urging those who loved and believed him to remain resolute, Osaze also invited them to join him in a thanksgiving service scheduled to hold at Akpehe Market Square, Logo 1 in Makurdi, the Benue state capital on February 7, 2021.

“I am Theddeus Terfa Gbateman.


“My regards goes directly to those people who truly loved me, if you truly loved someone, whichever situation the person finds himself, you will always stand by that person.

“Personally, I have not rejected anyone. Deep down, I know that everyone is a child of God and created by him. It is however, acting according to his will that has shown that some of us are not truly his sons.

“Now I have decided and chosen to do God’s will. People are coming up with idle talks that I will still fall back into the world but I have resolved only to mind my business with the Almighty God and the ones he has ordained for my rescue.

“Those people who are happy over my new decision to follow Christ should identify with me on my thanksgiving service slated to hold on the 7th of February, 2021.

“Rumours have it that my repentance is half-way, stressing that I will still fall back to the world. All rumours not withstanding, all my well-wishers, fans and friends should support me overwhelmingly on my thanksgiving service at Akpehe Market in Makurdi,” he stated.

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