Makurdi Modern Market gets face-lift

By Dorothy Abellegah

The Benue State government has received commendation from Abhumu Global Resources for finding them worthy for the management, maintenance and renovation of Makurdi Ultra Modern Market.

Speaking to The Voice, in his Makurdi office recently, the General Manager, Abhumu Global Resources, Manasseh Shaakaa, revealed that they have come prepared to return the market to it’s required standard. He said, their plans include; the gate, which is completed and the C Wing, which includes the shops that were burnt in a fire incident within the market.

Renovation of the C Wing.

The GM, told The Voice that, other plans include; a clinic, pharmacy and crèche for children. Other facilities include a 20 unit toilet, 10 for females and 10 for males, of which the construction is now at 70% completion level. He further stated that there would be an eatery, which would capture varieties of dishes not only peculiar to Benue.

He said, the abattoir that had not been in use in the recent past, has water and electricity restored and at least, six cows slaughtered on a daily basis.

Shaakaa informed that, the market used to have cases of flooding, but they have cleared the drainages and removed blockages to allow free flow of water during rains.

On the security situation in the modern market, it would be recalled that, there used to be incessant cases of car thefts in the market. The management assured that, they have 25 private guards running shifts in the market.

The GM boasted that, since they assumed office from November, 2020, there has been no incidence of car theft in the market.

Burnt shops under renovation.

Shaakaa added that, they have engaged 35 women from the community, as an empowerment scheme for cleaning of the market. In addition, they have engaged the youth in unskilled labour within the community.

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