Meet Benue Lyrical Lord, Questhood

Rapper – song writer Questhood’s inspiring music infuses Afro-Baka vibes with hip hop into contemporary afro pop and world beat rhythms, creating a unique brand of conscious music that uplifts and inspires.

Questhood’s major strength lies in his lyrics and delivery, employing wordplay and other poetic devices to deliver his signature narrative style using his own life experiences to tell stories in his music.

Questhood, born Zaki Kumator was raised in the Central Area, a notorious part of Katsina Ala town, Benue State. The rapper said he chose music as a distraction from the street life and its accompanying vices of cultism and drugs which were a thing in his neighborhood at that time.  Secondly, he chose rap music as a medium through which he would tell the stories.

Questhood’s early role models and influences were the likes of Kanye West, Nas, Jay zee Mode 9, Terry Tha Rapman and Pusha T. With the rich list of lyrical trailblazers he listened to while growing up, little wonder he raps with such lyrical bravado.

The young Questhood started his music career in 2009, recording his debut single “matured feelings” which he collaborated with group mates Jazzy Fizo and Hilex Quba. The song received lots of positive nods from the public which would prepare the rapper for a great career ahead.

Between 2009 and now, there have been roughly 5 years of career gaps in between, largely due to his academic pursuit and his career in the corporate world. It was until 2020 that the rapper resumed full time music with the successful release of “Love Lost” ft. Ava which took his career to a whole new level and has since sustained his new level of stardom.

Having been in the industry for such a long time, the rapper has collaborated, worked and featured with tons of industry heavyweights, including Charles Creation, Deeyasso, Od Woods, Rapizo, Mikun, Maleeq Souls, Krayzietee, Noobvee, Ava etc. He has also done a cover on Naira Marley’s “Koleyewon” which is critically acclaimed and well received on the streets as well.

Questhood is an independent act with an artist management contract with Top Boy Ochikes, a Lagos based artist management outfit where he is currently working on his sophomore EP.

Questhood has a rich catalogue of projects and singles to his name already released on digital streaming platforms; including Apple music, iTunes, Sound cloud, Spotify, audiomack etc.

List of projects and singles by Questhood include:

  1. Matured feelings x Jazzy Fizo x Hilex Quba- Prod: Charles Creation
  2. Shake it x Jazzy Fizo – prod: Charles Creation
  3. By my side x Jazzy Fizo ft. Greenback– prod: Owi / Charles Creation
  4. Rule hip hop x Jazzy Fizo x A’tema
  5. Victory x Jazzy Fizo x Hilex Quba x Maleeq Soulz – M/M: Mozbee
  6. Naija at 50- Prod: Owi/ Beat Sleenga
  7. I’m tired x Jazzy Fizo ft. Embraze Prod: Embraze
  8. Bad belle. Prod: Deeyasso
  9. Proverbs ft. Rapizo. Prod: TMS
  10. Ndernen ft. Leyoo. Prod: TMS
  11. Love Lost ft. Ava. Prod: TMS
  12. Hypetrain Cypher ft. Maleeq Soulz, hurricane Billions, Hilex Quba, Noobvee, Greenback and Krayzietee. M/M: TMS
  13. Koleyewon cover ft. Naira Marley. M/M: Jesse JK
  14. Bem cover ft. OD Woods M/M: Jesse JK

These songs are included in his debut EP “Welcome To The Quest” and also on his mixtape “The Lost Tapes”.



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