Menace of Unknown Gunmen

PROFFERING lasting solutions to the spate of brigandage, vulnerability and unsolicited danger across the nation is an urgent demand that cannot be over emphasized. And a fresh approach to crime fighting should be closely examined due to the multiplicity of criminal gangs and the ease of their evil operations despite the presence of the police and the military.

WHILE armed nomadic Fulani pastoralists constitute a significant bloc of bandits and lawless attackers in Benue State, the non-Fulani group is not exonerated from the crime and this should encourage a holistic and all embracing approach to the demand for effective remedy to the lingering danger.

FOR instance, invasion of the palace of a monarch in Ado Local Government Area by unknown gunmen underscores the height of insecurity in Benue State and the lingering disregard for sanctity and peace among a set of law breakers dispersed throughout the nation.

WITH a son of the monarch killed and his daughter abducted for unjustifiable reasons, the gunmen were  infuriating and contemptible in their acts and deserve the full wrath of the law. Therefore, the police should spare no effort to apprehend them while the public should support with the required information to this end.

INDEED, a growing army of unemployed youths across the state is a vulnerable group which requires an attention that translates to gainful engagement of their time and talent away from the drudgery of idleness which is behind their easy slide into criminality and lawlessness.

WORRISOME is the spate of moral degradation in the society as evidence of a generation with scant respect for values and traditions native to our communities due to a growing influence of alien cultures wrongly accessed through various forms of media now at the reach of every individual.

A pervasive abuse of Social media by youths in the society is an interesting part of the search for crime enhancers therefore, regulation against abuse is recommended without intrusions into rights and freedom guaranteed lawful citizens by legislations and needed for healthy daily routines in the society.

SOME of the gunmen in the society are products of political gangsterism perfected by politicians in the past for selfish interests and now abandoned the skill for gunrunning and unquenchable appetite for blood, and crime is retained and discharged for criminal expressions, at will.

CONFLICTS and disagreement among communities and between rival parties from divergent social, political and economic interests can lead to intimidation and force application for the purpose of forcing an opponent to submissions thereby prompting the emergence of masked gun bearers on deadly missions in the country.

FINALLY, we call for a synergy among the federal, states and local governments that will extirpate the menace of killings, robbery and abductions by unidentified gunmen which has taken a frightful dimension in the country.


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