Need To Respect Nigeria’s Sovereignty

THE President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari recently reiterated his call on representatives of foreign governments in Nigeria not to meddle in the internal affairs of the nation.

HE made the call at the State House, Abuja, while receiving Letters of Credence from Ambassadors of Switzerland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of Senegal and Republic of South Sudan.

President Buhari stated that his government was working closely with Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) to tackle insecurity in the region and also implement strategies to curtail the spate of unconstitutional changes of government in the region. He therefore called for cooperation from these countries to overcome challenges in West Africa.

SUCH a call for non-interference has become imperative, especially at this time when the nation is preparing for the general elections in a climate of insecurity. This is because there is a tendency for foreign governments to take sides with certain candidates, especially in the presidential elections.

Interference in this regard would no doubt destabilize the nation and threaten the survival of her democracy.

APART from interference in the election, there can also be interference in the area of security by aiding militants and terrorists with arms.

WHATEVER forms interference in the internal affairs of the nation takes, it is bound to undermine her sovereignty as a nation.

WHAT is needed from these nations therefore, is cooperation to ensure stability of the nation and the success of the forthcoming general election.

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