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Nemesis will catch up with you, Catholic Priest warns ‘sidechicks’

By Lucy Ackanyon

The phrase ‘side chick,’ basically refer to a lady who is dating a married man and has become common in Nigerians’ diction, however, a Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr Richard Igbaingi, has warned ladies who pride themselves as side chicks to desist from the act or face the wrath of God.

Fr Igbaingi who is the Parish Priest in charge of St Francis Quasi Parish Akpen, Makurdi, gave the warning Sunday during the celebration of Mass which also coincided with the Feast of St Valentine.

“Stop confusing married men,” he said at the Mass celebrated at St Faustina Catholic Church, Tse Adi, Makurdi.

“Your action is causing many marriages to fall apart.

“The cry of those women whose husbands you have turned their hearts from will reach God and nemesis will surely catch up with you when it is time for you to get married,” he said.

The cleric lamented that the rate at which Nigerian men were abandoning their marital responsibilities for the sake of affording good life for side chicks was becoming worrisome.

He however, cautioned married women not to retaliate the action of their husbands by also indulging in immoral lifestyles, but to continue to pray for them to change.

Speaking on the significance of Valentine’s Day, he said the day was set aside to commemorate St Valentine, who lived his life showing love to people.

Fr Igbaingi appealed to people, especially youths not to use the occasion to indulge in immoral acts which may jeopardise their hope for a good future.

He urged married men to use the occasion to lavish their wives and children with love, rather than indulge in extra marital affairs.

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