New Year Expectations

THE year 2021 has arrived with the usual high expectations of improved fortunes that greet each new year.

PEOPLE often make resolutions as to what they intend to do or achieve in the course of a new year. They are often highly expectant of faring better in their endeavors in the fresh year as compared to the previous one

THE realization of some of these aspirations however depend on government actions

AWARE of this fact therefore, government at Federal, State and Local government levels make budgets to guide them on how funds could be better channeled towards executing projects and programmes for the welfare of the people

SUCH projects cut across various sectors of the economy, including health, security, agriculture, education, among others.

IN the health sector, it is expected that government will prioritize the health needs of the people, especially those at the grass roots. This can be done by resuscitating clinics and establishing new ones where none exist

SIMILARLY, it is expected that the declining fortunes of the agriculture sector would be reversed. Thus, there is the need for government to ensure early provision of farm inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides, tractors and agricultural equipment that would encourage dry season farming

IT is also expected that government at all levels would step up efforts to ensure quality teaching and learning in our schools. This can be done by providing a conducive teaching and learning atmosphere in our schools.

THERE should be quality infrastructure, teaching aids, a rigorous inspection of schools to ensure that quality knowledge is being imparted into the students and pupils.

AS we start the new year, it is our hope that the three tiers of government will redouble their efforts to ensure that insecurity becomes a thing of the past so that citizens can freely go about their business and sleep with their two eyes closed.

IN addition to the expected role of government in the development of the society, individuals also have their roles to develop their families, immediate communities and the nation at large.

THE Voice therefore calls on the citizens and government to effectively play their roles so that the great expectations would be met.

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