Organization charge Benue community on effective waste management

By Faith Igbudu

Residents of Demekpe community in Makurdi, Benue State have been urged to develop a change in attitude towards waste management, in order to prevent the outbreak of strange sicknesses and other harmful situations in their midst.

This was the central message as the Foundation for Justice Development and Peace (FJDP) owned by the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi engaged members of the community in a one-day sensitization meeting with the theme: “Curbing indiscriminate waste dumping, through effective stakeholder relations.”

Desk Officer, Environment Desk, FJDP, Sunday Abaku, said the sensitization became imperative, following the hazard that indiscriminate dumbing of waste is causing in the society. He said it is responsible for the frequent and high cases of malaria, typhoid fever and cholera that is ravaging the health of the people.

Speaking at the sidelines, Abaku said the sensitization team will not stop at Demekpe but hopes to visit more communities, especially within Makurdi metropolis.

Through various contributions the community requested for designated dumb sites and litter buckets. They also asked that a task force be initiated to prevent indiscriminate dumbing of refuse.

On their part, community members said with the supply of these items, a waste management culture will be built amongst them that will ensure a clean environment.

Speaking at the meeting, leader of the community, Zaki Shichia Adaga, commended FJDP for the initiative. He said it is a re-awakening of the War Against Indiscipline that was operational in 1984.

He assured that he and his people are in support of the idea and said all what is required of the community will be put in place in a week’s time.

Reacting to the community’s plea, representative of Ministry of Water Resources and Environment, Environmental Desk Officer, Samuel Adaji said the community should map out designated points for refuse collection and also draft a task force committee that environment officers can work with.

He maintained that the state government is committed towards the well-being of the people, assuring that distribution of litter bins is underway.

Similarly, representative of Benue State Environmental and Sensitization Agency (BENSESA), Terkula Ibu said “the law prohibits burning and burying of waste, because there are a lot of dangers associated with the activity. It is only BENSESA that is licenced by government or any private organization contracted by BENSESA that should handle your waste. Don’t give it to this wheel barrow boys because they will dump it in the drainages and when rain comes, your community will be be flooded.”

In his closing remark, Programme Manager, FJDP, Valentine Kwaghchimin, appreciated the community for receiving the organization and its message. He said the organization is poised to further engage with the community to work out modalities needed for proper disposal of waste.

He also stressed that women should be carried along, all the way as they are at the centre of waste management in every home.

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1 Comment

  1. Abako Emmanuel Sunday

    November 4, 2022 at 7:28 am

    Thank for the article.

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