Place public interest above personal gains, leaders get charged

Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese,  Most Rev (Dr) David Ajang.

From Esther Akaa, Lafia 

Leaders in Nigeria have been charged to serve the country and humanity faithfully by ultimately placing the interest of the public above personal gains.

The Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese,  Most Rev (Dr) David Ajang gave this charge while speaking with journalists, immediately after Easter Sunday Mass, held at St William’s Cathedral,  Lafia the Nasarawa State Capital.

According to him, leaders at different levels must fall in love with people and the country, doing everything within their powers to effect the needed change in the society for the growth and development of the nation.

Ajang said that followers must also play their parts, giving up selfishness and demonstrating the spirit of patriotism, in order to avoid tribal sentiments.

“If you look at what is happening in our country today, our first consideration is ourselves and that is why we have lost the Nigerian identity. We have trumpeted our tribal or religious identity and that is why we have different nations in one country. You hear about the Eggon nation among many others which sometimes these are just a little tribe but everybody becomes a nation.

“If we have nations within a nation, then where is the Nigerian nation? I believe when we place the interest of Nigeria above our personal interests,  we could be said to be on the way to recovery,” he said.

Speaking on the significance of Easter, Bishop Ajang said the story of Easter is that of salvation which the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought to mankind.

“Jesus is the sure hope of our own resurrection. Just as He died and rose, we too will surely rise again when we die. The redemptive story is that, the resurrection of Christ brings to us hope. That is to say that evil or darkness does not triumph over good. This is the time when people really need hope that things will ultimately change one day,” he said.

The bishop explained further that the season of Easter started with the Ash Wednesday, saying the period has been a process of continuous discipline, aimed at transforming Christians to become the better version of themselves.

He, therefore, called on the people to use the lessons learnt from Jesus’ suffering and death to impart positively on their societies.

Some parishioners who spoke with The Voice, including the former Secretary to Nasarawa State Government (SSG), Mr Timothy Anjide said the catholic church set aside the season of Easter for prayers, repentance and reconciliation with God and neighbours.

“The journey which started on Ash Wednesday was a journey of faith to enable us have an experience of the passion Jesus Christ went through for our sake and today we are happy that Christ resurrected from the dead.

“It is an assurance of our salvation. It is joyful for us here as Christians and parishioners of St William’s Cathedral and the world at large,” Anjide said.

On her part, Mrs Jacqueline Iwu, said the resurrection of Jesus brought about Christianity in the world, calling on Christians to remain hopeful and trust in God in all situations.

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