RCCN cleans up Wadata Market

By Ann Ngbea

Wadata Market Makurdi on Saturday wore a new look as members of the Reformed Christian Church of Nigeria (RCCN), Makurdi came out enmasse to clean the market, and the drainage channels.

Speaking, Pastor of the church, Rev Angopanku Bulus said “what we are doing today is one of RCCN yearly activities nationwide.

“At this particular time of the year, the church goes out to clean our immediate environment, we clean places like hospitals, schools, churches, police stations, market places just as we are doing right now and in some cases homes.

“We usually carry out this cleaning for a whole week. It is called a week of sacrifice. We do so to commemorate the arrival of Christianity to Nigeria right from the day of our forefathers and as it is handed over to us presently. So we, who are still alive have to keep up with the good faith in preaching the gospel through our environment because cleanliness is next to Godliness.

“Also, that as the people learn to tidy up their environment, it will be conducive for them because our environment, affects our spiritual life and we have to let our environment take the gospel afar.

“We as RCCN, believe in holistic gospel, Christ in our lives needs to be manifested through our way of cleanliness.

“Today, we started the cleaning right from the Police ‘A’ Division here in Wadata and we will continue in the evening after here and we will also do the final cleaning tomorrow.”

In his remark, Vice Chairman of the church and former Marketing Manager, Benue Printing and Publishing Corporation (BPPC), Mr Austin Audu said: “This is a week of sacrifice in the RCCN, it is particularly set aside to ensure that sanitation exercises are carried out.

“We feel that market places should be one of such places for the exercise, it is for the purpose of sanctifying the environment.
This is a yearly ritual by the RCCN which is strictly observed by its worshipers.”

Some of the traders in the market were amazed seeing the market wearing a clean look.

Speaking separately, some of the traders, who include; Mallam Saliu, Mama Grace Tarkende and Iveren Iorshe prayed that God should bless the pastor, who was also out cleaning with his members for such a great job done in the market.

A customer, Angel John said, she almost couldn’t recognize the market. “I didn’t believe that such a market like Wadata with this influx of people from different places, especially on a Saturday which is the main market day could even wear such a clean look. I pray for more grace and anointing for the pastor of that church with his members for beautifying this place, it’s not easy,” she stated.

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