Should a woman date or marry a younger man?

Esther Akaa

It’s actually not common to hear a woman say, “I love to date or marry someone younger than myself” It seems like a woman dating or marrying a younger person only happens unplanned. It is not something that is ideal for most women even though a lot of people say age has nothing to do with love but for me, I would prefer to date or marry someone older than me.

The reasons are simple. One of them is that men prefer younger women as they are said to be generally more compliant. This brings about the common infidelity in marriage popularly called “side chick”. Most men have beautiful women as wives at home but still keep younger ladies outside their matrimonial homes as lovers.

Secondly, there is that sense of security when a woman is dating or married to an older person as he can protect her from intimidation from family members and friends. So, most women prefer mature and successful men. Women are generally more secured and comfortable in the hands of men who are older than them. When a man is older than his partner, they are more compatible so I would prefer to marry someone older than me.

Esther Akaa (Journalist)


Sewuese Butu

Every human on the planet earth is a different individual. We have different choices and preferences. Nobody need to follow the herd. Even identical twins have their own identities psychologically, so personally, I can’t date a guy younger than myself, never, because naturally speaking, girls tend to mature earlier, physically and mentally than boys so I cannot be attracted to a guy that is younger than myself.  To be honest, I have never liked younger guys and even those of my age. Almost all my friends are older, I just feel really secured in their company. I can’t even figure out what might be the reason for that, but I don’t just feel for younger guys. I feel more relatable and secure with mature guys.

Dating is not only enjoyable but it also has some real benefits. Dating helps develop your personality and can eventually lead to marriage and marriage is said to be the most intimate of all human relationships. So I suggest as a lady, you should date someone who is at least of your age or better still older who thinks and believes much the same way that you do.

Sewuese Butu (Applicant)


Blessing Ogbole

You can possibly love a guy who is younger than yourself so age should not be a barrier or the determining factor in our choice of love and companionship. Dating a guy younger than you ordinarily shouldn’t be a problem provided you have accepted his proposal against your better judgement and you are able to establish an intimacy based on love and sincerity. A relationship between an older woman and younger man can be very perfect provided they had a great deal in common and they are totally committed to each other and have the security of friendship.

Though, there are some risks in dating a guy who is significantly younger than you, because it may be thrilling and exciting at the initial stage but the fun may drastically diminish as you grow into adulthood because of the wide age gap.

So personally, I can date a younger guy whose age is just a year or two lower than myself because dating can lead to marriage which is the most intimate of all human relationships, so one ought to be responsible for the choices she make so above this limit, I cannot accept.

Blessing Serum Ogbole (Photographer)


Joy Chaver

There is no right or wrong here. Except the only wrong thing would be if the woman is dating some guy who is less than 18 years old which is not legal in many countries of the world. Apart from this, there is nothing wrong. If a woman is dating a man younger than her age, but he is equally mature, educated and understanding, then what is wrong about that? If he can take responsibility and both are happy together, I have no problem with that.

It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to date a younger male adult. However, I understand that it may not be acceptable in other countries or cultures. Women who date younger men do so not because they are opposed to dating men of they age or older men but oftentimes, they meet a gentleman of which there is a mutual interest and coincidentally happen to be younger. So there is no issue with age difference. But my opinion is, anyone young enough to be a woman’s son is too young which means an age difference of 16 or more years is too much.

Miss Joy Chaver (Applicant)


Deborah Shaku

Of course, as long as both individuals who date each other are of the maturity level to consent and understand their actions. I mean, as long as both individual involved in dating each other are of legal age, by the laws of the land they live in, yes. It should be noted that maturity levels don’t always correlate with a person’s biological age. So if you have got a feeling, you shouldn’t care what convention dictates is supposed to happen. Enjoy!

As people mature, many of them will be attracted to partners of greater difference. Women sometimes take ‘Toy-boys’ and men on the other hand may prefer a much younger girl as a willing partner. It is all about the subconscious desire to mix up our genetic material as much as possible.

We do not think about it, but the primitive part of our brain persuades us to do it, and rewards the choice by manufacturing minutes quantities of chemicals that give us warm, satisfied feelings, that we label as happiness or love.

Miss Deborah Shaku (Lab technician)


Faith Igbudu

Dating someone means you are spending time with the person in hope of finding a committed relationship and I think it is better for a woman to date her ideal man so that if there is enough curiosity or interest, they can take it to the next level that could even ends in marriage. Building a relationship to last a lifetime is no easy task, in fact, next to your decision to take Jesus Christ as your saviour, the most important decision you can make is the choice of a life partner. While age differences may not be an issue to some women, it is a highly contentious issue to others including myself, particularly in the African setting where there is an intrinsic cultural and societal beliefs that a woman should be younger than a man she is dating or getting married to. It is incontestably that women develop faster both in physical and mental than their male counterparts. A man becomes more mature and reasonable in his thinking as he grows older. So with the pace at which men grow, it is better to date an older person who has the mental capacity to lead you.

Faith Igbudu (Journalist)

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