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Ter Makurdi frowns at youth involvement in land racketeering

By James Shim

Ter Makurdi, HRH, Vincent Aule has frowned at the extortionist tendencies of youths over land in Makurdi metropolis.

The Ter Makurdi who was reacting to questions from media practitioners in his palace in Makurdi recently said, such acts are inimical to development, growth and capable of discouraging investors from the land.

He said, he is not against the youths, relating harmoniously with those who seek to live within their communities but that such advances should be made reasonably and with peace and not in a way to extort or scare visitors.

According to him, a situation where people are subjected to high payments to different groups of youths in the name of indigeneship dues was becoming too burdensome to people seeking to own lands and appealed to them to desist from such acts.

The Ter Makurdi also called on farmers in the state to be wary of marketers who are paying for crops on the farms, in anticipation of harvest, saying such trend is dangerous and capable of causing hunger, apart from denying them of marginal profits.

He advised that farmers should be patient with their farm produce, explaining that food is one of the basic necessities of life man and sure economic stability.

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