What are your new year resolutions?

Yangeyan Agbo

Yangeyan Agbo

My plans for this year are definitely going to be a lot different from what they used to be.

I wish that this year, 2021will be a much better year for me than the previous years.  I have resolved not to worry about anything but rather, pray for everything and be grateful to God for all that he had done, is doing and will continue to do for me. Not forgetting my expectations that are yet to see the light of the day.

I have also discovered that what qualified me for the job that I now have that is putting food on my table on a daily basis, others too have and even much better yet they are still unemployed. Having seen all of these, I have resolved that from this year forward, I will live a life of celebration, felicitation and appreciation, not forgetting to return all the thanks to God for whatever thing that has happened to my life, whether good or bad just as it is written in the holy Bible.

Mr Yangeyan Agbo (Teacher)



Patience Akipu Onche

Patience Akipu Onche

Ordinarily, the month of January is referred to as the “peak month”. That is, a new year and a new you, when one pledges a fresh set of resolutions but unfortunately, about 80% of us fall off the wagon before the mid of February.

But I am trusting God that by his grace, the new year resolutions which I have made and know I will be able to keep are, walking very closely with God more than I have ever been in the previous years. By this, I can obtain divine directions from God, in order for me to defeat the evil in the world.

Planning ahead, not spending wistfully and being time conscious. All these when done, will give me a clear picture view of my set goals.

I really need to live a healthy life of fitness and wellness in order for me to live a stable life.

I will try as much as possible to put my house in order and safe because I have learnt a lot lessons from the previous year (2020 to be specific) and it is time I made every wrong, right.

Mrs Patience Akipu Onche (Confectioner)



Ushaungwa Kwen

Ushaungwa Kwen

I resolved to rededicate my life to Christ and serve him in all ways not in some ways as i choose in the time past. I also resolved to be polite and positive to everybody no matter  how terrible my day must have been, and no matter how stressed up I must have been, I will try as much as possible to respond positively and smile at people. I thank God for keeping me safe up to this day and asked him for more wisdom to enable me address all kind of issues that confront me this year.

I have also vowed to put myself on a better budget, save more money and ensure that any money that I budget to use for a particular purpose, is not diverted to anything unplanned but used for what it is meant for except it is on matters of health of my immediate family members.

Mr Ushaungwa Kwen (Surveyor)



Linus Oboh

Linus Oboh

New year resolution is a solemn promise that people make in an incoming year, regarding what to do and what not to do.

I publicly made such resolutions over the years without achieving anything much in it. It only taught me that new year resolution is just a personal decision which must be made at heart and doesn’t need any announcement to the world.

By this, I simply mean, I wouldn’t want to say I will give up this or that in a public glare, when I know that I may still find myself returning to it.

Be that as it may, I want to be closer to God this year, 2021 than I have always been in the previous years because it takes the grace of God and mercy, to achieve any resolutions that you make.

Mr Linus Oboh (Journalist)



Monica Uiligh

Monica Uiligh

I have resolved to make meaningful readjustments in the way I live my life, and more so, draw nearer to God, by knowing him more than I have known in the past.

To worship God in truth and in spirit, because I came to understand that one cannot be living in an indecent way and then expect God to make things happen for her in a decent way. God’s love is reciprocal.

I wish to also forge into reunion with members of my family by ensuring that a cordial relationship exists among us so that we will also know that the love that we have for each other is not fake.

Of a truth, after God, your next close associates are your family members because they are there with you for better for worst.

I wish to also learn a skill and start a business of my own no matter how little, not minding the risks involved and any other unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Miss Monica Uiligh(Student)



Tavershima Torhemen

Tavershima Torhemen

With the upsurge of COVID 19 cases, where economic activities are partially inhibited, there is the need for perceptive adjustment in order to accommodate the current realities of life.

Having said that, my new year resolutions are, to prioritize my health status by observing the public  health protocols of the pandemic, eat safe and help those in need as my resources permit.

I will also like to sensitize the people on the need to promoting good nutrition and proper exercise as well as agriculture, by leading the way in the cultivation of new varieties of maize and Cassava. Sensitize the public on the need to embracing new farming technology that will improve the health of the consumers and the larger society, while benefiting from the huge market opportunities that are associated with this innovation.

Mr Tavershima Torhemen (Project Officer).



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