What areas do you want government to address in 2021?

Mathias Ogaba

At a time such as dire as this and in a season as bleak as what the world is witnessing today, governments all over the world are supposed to be seeking for ways of re-launching their country’s economy into being favourably abundance.

Nigeria has a burgeoning private sector, and like the rest of the countries in the world, Nigeria’s private sector is a major player in terms of G.D.P and by extension, that is healthy for its economy. That is to say, if a country’s economy thrives, so the people will but, in the case of Nigeria and her people, it is a daunting and Herculean task for an average Nigerian to start up a business because of the toil and rigour involved.

If indeed the Nigerian government wants to better the lives of her people in 2021, one of the most crucial steps to take is to be private sector driven, make it more enticing and easy to thrive. This will encourage aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs, start their own Small and Medium term Enterprises. The government can start by significantly slashing down tax for the private sector, especially the S.M.Es and also by building the power sector, construct roads, provide water and other basic and social amenities and make it readily available.

Mr Mathias Ogaba (Businessman)


Teryima Koriyol

The Federal Government should re-energize and reorganize the security apparatus and personnel of the armed forces and the police with a view to enhancing their capacity, and employing strategies needed for  dismantling of the operations of both the internal and external extremism and criminal groups that are waging war against our communities.

In line with the current security challenges that we are facing as a nation. Government at all levels, should reiterate its primary responsibilities of governance which is protection of lives and property, to ensuring that these sort of traumatic incidents that we witness on a daily basis do not become a norm.

They should ensure that the welfare of the men and women in uniform to whom we assign such responsibilities for our collective interest are given priority attention.

We ought to have a better defense and policing culture that meets our nation’s needs and that would also uphold the laws of the land with integrity and professionalism.

Comrade Teryima Koriyol (Tiv youth leader)


Denen Tyavmbi

First and most importantly, I would like the government to address the issue of insecurity. The security of lives and property of the citizenry, is supposed to be the priority of those on the corridors of power in any given society, because it not only guarantees safety but paves the way for massive development to take place. However, the level of insecurity witnessed in this present administration in Nigeria is worrisome. It has invariably affected the social, religious, educational and business activities of the nation.

Secondly, the government needs to also pay a premium attention to addressing youth unemployment. There is a saying that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. This implies that if the youths who make or mar the society are taken off the streets and gainful employed, this would drastically reduce the security challenges faced, where they will not be used by selfish people for their selfish interests. If they are gainfully employed and are contributing to meaningful development, this will also beef up the economy and as well spur them individually and the society in order to boost development.

Mr Denen Tyavmbi (Teacher)


Collins Agwam

Collins Agwam

Road Infrastructure; The importance of having good roads cannot be over emphasized. Driving on federal roads round the country, you will appreciate the fact that most of the roads are dilapidated. So if the government can make the construction of roads a priority and by fixing it, the rate of accidents will be drastically reduced. Farmers, business men and women can easily transport their farm produce to the markets and ware houses and this will in turn reduce the prices of goods and services.

Education: It’s often said that Education is the bedrock of every society. Most of the schools do not have structures that can accommodate students in order for them to enjoy good learning. If you take a statistics of schools across the country, you will observe that schools that operate with no desks for students are numerous but because they have no choice, they sit on the floor to receive instructions from their teachers. So if the government can make it a top priority to ensuring that students have a serene learning environment, it would help to produce the best of brains and of course who would occupy several facets of the economy in the nearest future.

Mr Collins Agwam, (Journalist)


Terfa Nyitor

Terfa Nyitor

The Government should focus on revamping the economy, through national economic diversification agenda that supports the primary goal of national food self sufficiency. This will help to reduce the growing food related inflationary figures and will impact positively on our food security status.

Should rebuild our national infrastructure base, and in the process, introduce transformation through rehabilitation, modernization, and expansion of the railway system, fix federal roads and bridges irrespective of where they occur, as well as build the Sea and Airports.

Should reform and put in place the power sector such that they would be operating at peak efficiency. This will significantly expand the scope of generation and distribution of electricity to our homes and factories for use.

Should undertake series of special intervention programmes designed to boost job creation, and support entrepreneurial drive of our youths.

Mr Terfa Nyitor (Information officer BIRS).


Kevin Aleva

The main areas and issues that I would like the government to touch and address in 2021 are;

Finding a lasting solution to the problem of Insecurity, create Job opportunities for the youths and get them engaged in useful ventures so that they won’t have the time to engage in criminal activities.

The government should give maximum attention to agriculture, by helping the farmers to access loans and provide them with the basic infrastructure, to make farming more attractive for even the unemployed youths.

The government should improve on our health system such that citizens would be able to access proper medical care when need be. If our health system is good, people will not be travelling to other countries seeking medical care which is indirectly developing the economy of such countries.

The government should address the problem of power supply. Most of our small scale businesses have been badly affected due to lack of adequate power supply.

Comrade Kevin Aleva(Businessman).

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