What meaningful impact has the mass media?

Emmanuel Ashingyu

Health related issues are my favourite in the mass media.

In fact, my interest in watching and reading issues concerning health has improved my standard of living and as well encouraged my keeping fit all the time.

Health promotion and information in the media has impacted a great deal in my life. Reading of public health information has created my awareness on disease conditions and health risk factors. Anybody that pays attention to health pages and has the ability to interpret these materials correctly, can overcome so many health challenges without necessarily seeking advice from a medical expert.

It is being consistent in reading health materials that I came to discover that noncommunicable diseases have been identified as one of the main global public health challenges of the twenty – first century and I also know that alcohol, tobacco and ultra processed foods and beverages can increase the risk of non communicable diseases.

Mr Emmanuel Ashingyu (Veteran Journalist)



Benedict Ingyur

My favourite content in the mass media is sports, precisely the football.

Broadcast and reportage of sporting activities such as soccer, volleyball, table tennis, handball, basketball, badminton etc have grown exponentially over time and has also impacted so much on many lives by taking away depression and anxieties.

Football for instance, has created unity in diversity and the spirit of oneness among players and fans. During football matches, fans of a certain club automatically see themselves as being brothers. Supporters of Chelsea football club for instance, refer to themselves as a family with a slogan “one love”.

For me, watching football matches when televised live or listening to it via broadcast, I can say it is even medicinal because it relieves me of the tension and restores my physical well being whenever I’m feeling depressed.

Mr Benedict Ingyur (Student)


Matthew Idoko

I find almost all the beats in the mass media as amazing and pleasurable. The business news, sports, health, crime, politics, entertainment, editorial, economy,  and judiciary  among others but my interest chiefly lies in programmes on broadcast communication and opinions in the case of print media.

I took delight over the years, in following a particular programme on TVC news station “Journalists’ Hangout”. It is not only interesting, it is also entertaining as it assembles journalists with vast knowledge and experiences coming together from different media organisations, to discuss matters of national concern.

These are veterans who are fully acquainted with current affairs, history and international issues which they explore to the satisfaction of thousands of viewers around the world.

I don’t afford missing these programmes.

Mr Matthew Idoko (Civil Servant)


Michael Aba

I prefer politics over any other content of the mass media because I had always wanted to be a politician. Politics is supposed to be a process of decision making that would affect the people from different backgrounds, interests, opinions, gender, beliefs, race, ethnicity, age and so on, who should have an equal opportunity to contribute to the decision making process and influence the decisions that will affect their lives directly or indirectly. It is awareness and keeping ourselves informed and caring about the facts; it is a tool with which we can structure ourselves as groups and societies and it governs every other aspect of life so I had always been a keen observer of the political world, even as a teacher. My desire to venture into partisan politics someday has not died and this explains why I don’t miss the “Politics Today” programme on Channels Television and my commitment to following politics on the pages of the Daily Trust newspaper.

Mr Michael Aba (Teacher)


Florence Ugbem

Basically I will say my favourite media content is news on whatever platform I can trust. Based on my busy schedule, I read mostly online news and newspapers. I follow Sahara reporters, and read Vanguard, News Telegraph, The Voice and Leadership Newspapers to keep abreast the recent developments in the nation and beyond the shores. I’m also a spectator of the TVC news because it is fast, accurate and reliable and it keeps me informed. I also followed episodes of Journalists’ Hangout on TVC via Facebook. The broadcast had always featured interesting guests that are worth listening to like Babajide Otitoju Kolade and others like Citizen Jones, Moshood Mobalade, Cypril Abakwe etc. This programme has won the most outstanding TV programme award. In this era that uncertainties and ambiguities seem to characterise the dissemination of information, listening to reliable sources of news is very important.

Miss Florence Ugbem (Journalist)


Kenneth Ankor

My favourite content in the mass media, is politics, and because it fascinates me, I pay more attention to it on all the platforms, be it the radio, television, internet or the newspaper.

In fact, watching and listening to political issues is the reason why I don’t fail to renew my monthly subscription. Political content provides interesting discussions and a framework for understanding the past, present and future events.

Political programmes facilitate democracy by allowing a wide variety of views to be expressed.

Though many critics have accused the mass media of trivializing politics because different television channels and newspapers find out that they are competing for a limited number of viewers and readers but there is a possibility to make the political context more attractive by treating it as entertainment rather than as a serious business.

Hon. Kenneth Ankor (Politician)

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