What should Benue do to contain the second wave of COVID-19?


The risks of contracting COVID-19, are higher in crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces where people spend longer period of time together in close proximity, like the restaurants, schools, choir rehearsal halls, fitness classes, night clubs, offices and places of worship where people are gathered.

So the Benue state government, should set up a mobile committee that would be monitoring these places, to ensure strict compliance with the safety protocols.

Benue state government should make it as a duty, to clean and disinfect surfaces frequently, especially those that are regularly touched, such as door handles, faucets in all its schools, ministries, departments and agencies. All the windows in schools, churches, offices within the state, should be left open to increase the amount of natural ventilation indoors.

Engr Msugh Orkor (Civil Servant)


Benue people should be mindful of latest information on COVID-19, by regularly checking the update from the World Health Organization (WHO) and also listen to the up to date instructions from both the national and local public health authorities.

The second wave of the pandemic is said to be more dangerous so observing the laid down protocols should also be stepped up to beat the spike. Benue people should make wearing of face masks very effective.

Wash your hands before you wear your face mask and make sure it covers your nose, mouth and chin. When you take it off, store in a clean plastic bag, wash it every day if it’s a fabric mask, or dispose of it in a bin, if it is a medical mask.

Miss Lizzy Ngusen Beeka(Nurse)


I think there are much conspiracy theories about the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, it appears most of the decisions taken by the government on issues concerning the pandemic, are motivated by greed and corruption.

I’ll therefore, advise the Benue State government, to be sincere in their verification of facts and figures and then do what will be in the best interest and well-being of people of Benue State.

The government should shun the temptation of greed and corruption that will motivate the course of action that will negatively affect the economy of the state, thereby creating hardship for the people.

Furthermore, the Benue State government must be cautious of the alleged controversies surrounding the covid-19 vaccine, until the best practiced procedure of safe use of the vaccine is established.

Moreover, the controversy of the genes editing capabilities of the vaccine must be thoroughly investigated, else posterity will not forgive the government, if they allow it to cause the people of the State a mortal agony.

Pastor Daniel Ogidi (Cleric)


The government should first and foremost educate and enlighten the people in the state. There are some people that are of the view that COVID-19 is a scam. It does not exist. This idea must be removed completely from the people. They should organize workshop, seminar, and symposium in this regard. They should make sure that the Media is involved, by educating the people of Benue that COVID-19 is real. Bringing out evidence by showing people that are sick with the virus, and make sure the people believe the government.

The government should also take a scientific study of all the local governments in the state and see which had the highest number of COVID-19    complications see whether the cases are getting worse in such areas or not. If it is, then the government should lock the particular local government down and observe the situation. The government should not lock the whole state, but affected local governments can be lockdown.

Sylvester Adakole, PhD. (Lecturer)


As we continue to adapt and adjust our plans, and as the government tries to put in place ways that would enable the society return to normalcy, I am however, of the opinion that additional measures of lockdown should be reintroduced in certain locations, to curtail further outbreak.

It is important that everyone continues to stay vigilant and adhere to the updated public health advice, to individual communities because the best defense against the infection is our individual behaviour. As an individual, community and state, we should reduce our family’s exposure to ways that would lead to contracting COVID-19, by adhering to the basic hygiene standards which are paramount. That is, by washing hands with soap and water or the use of anti bacteria hand sanitizer regularly.

We should try as much as possible to avoid touching of our faces, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth, and if we sneeze or cough, we should do so into a toilet tissue and dispose of it immediately and then wash our hands.

Mrs Blessing Cyril Onyeche (Lab Scientist)


The Benue state government and Nigeria at large, should put in place punitive measures for those who may flout the set standard protocols for containing spread of the virus, especially wearing of face mask.

Such punitive measures will also serve as deterrent to those who may intend to break the COVID-19 preventive procedures.

As regards reopening of schools, I think schools should be allowed to resume for classes, but with strict compliance with the covid-19 preventive measures.

I can say the solution to averting the spread of the virus, lies with instilling the required discipline, not lockdown. Knowing that the Covid-19 will remain with us for some time, if lockdown is still considered as the best measure, then the negative effect may be even more dangerous than the pandemic itself.

Mr Terkula Asase Igo (Social activist)

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