What do you love about Christmas?

Egbe Attah

Christmas, is a festival full of great intentions and I have always enjoyed moments of it as it is being celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and personal saviour.

It is a time of God, showing His great love for us and it is also a time of healing and for renewed strength. People around the world have been observing it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular in nature.

Christmas awakens our spirit and reminds us about why Jesus came into this world and his plan for us. Jesus Christ was born to execute a very special mission. A mission that led to our salvation and redemption. He died for all of us, including those of us whose ancestors had not even been born. Our saviour and redeemer has paid his dues enough to be celebrated.

One other thing that I love about Christmas is, during this time, I take a little time to do something special for someone who needs a little extra help and that gives me a beautiful feeling unimaginable. It is not always something huge. Sometimes I just identify with an elderly person within my neighbourhood and ask them what they need and make provisions for it.

Mr Egbe Attah (Journalist)


Seember Tyozua

Christmas is more than a holiday. It is a season. Christmas descends upon the masses and blesses us all with its tidings of comfort and joy. It brings people together and give them the opportunity to communicate with each other.

You are sure of having a smile on your face after kicking back and enjoying a nice Christmas classic.

In fact, it is difficult to pick the most heartwarming aspects of Christmas and that makes the season so merry and bright.

There are plenty festivities, to keep you busy during the Christmas season. Sometimes the greatest gift of all is the quality time you spend with your loved ones during the holidays. Receiving heartfelt and personal gifts from the other people is such a warm feeling. Who wouldn’t enjoy feeling loved and appreciated with all the good things which the Christmas season offers. Whether it is wishing someone a great holiday, donating to charity, or merely passing along kindness, there is no denying the compassion and humility that emerge this time of the year.

It is the only time of the year, where people are allowed to ask for whatever they wanted. Everybody is excited during this festive season.

Miss Joan Seember Tyozua (Applicant)


Manasseh Tyônum

One good thing that I love about Christmas is, it is a period of giving back.

It is important to give back to your community and the less privileged.

Christmas avail us with a good chance of extending our hand of fellowship to others.

You can voluntarily take this advantage to go to the Internally Displaced Camps or visit babies in the motherless homes. All these are great ideas and there are plenty more depending on where you live. You get so giddy and excited when you buy a gift for a loved one. You can imagine their reaction and what they are going to feel inside them when they unwrap their gifts.

I personally, cannot wait to open gifts from loved ones because it is really the thought that counts. I enjoy seeing their faces when I open the gifts because they bought it thinking of me and that is what matters most.

In fact, Christmas always comes with a thrilling and heavenly spirit that makes everybody jolly and happy. The mood is increased and being friendly becomes a norm. Smiles and laughter are coming from everyone.

Mr. Manasseh Tyônum (Student)


Odije Ijoko

I find it difficult to pointing out what particularly excites me about Christmas, because my love for this season is immeasurable.

I strive to live in the presence of Christ during this time by reading the gospel and spending a few minutes reflecting upon it, inserting myself into the passage, and allowing the holy spirit to meditate in my quiet of moments.

I also look back to my undertakings of the year and see how to improve on it in the next year.

It is also a time that I get to meet old friends who come from all walks of life back home to celebrate the Yuletide season. It is a time that we gist, catchy up and have lots of fun together not forgetting the reason for the season

I preach the message of Christmas, to others in subtle ways like sending them season’s greeting cards and must not forget to mention all the merriments and funfair especially the decorations around the city.

I get excited about the greatness of Jesus, through the beautiful carol lessons and songs being rendered in the churches.

My maximum delight is in the melodious voices of the choristers, which leave  lasting memories in my heart and make me longing for another Christmas season.

Odije Ijoko (Entrepreneur)


Daniel Aja

Although, I don’t know about you, but for me, if there is one thing that l love most about Christmas, is the buying of gifts for the people I love. In fact, the true essence of the Christmas spirit is giving and sharing as it is evident in Matthew (3:16) which says for God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. So as Christians, it reminds or better still, presents us an opportunity to demonstrate our love for others particularly the vulnerable and downtrodden among us the way God gives. It is a moment of rededicating our lives to Christ and emulate the compassionate kind of caring taught by Jesus without expecting any form of reward in return.

It is a time when we often focus on the Lord more than at other times of the year.

Amidst all the preparations and festivities, we are invited to reflect on the powerful reality of the Lord’s birth into the world. The worship services and church events available throughout the world provide a sense of uplift/spiritual renewal in our lives this season that continues to pathway towards genuine love.

Mr. Daniel Aja (Information Officer)


Queen Tardoo-Tsav

The pure feeling that it is Christmas alone is enough reason to make anyone happy. Christmas is my favourite holiday for many reasons. There are a lot of decorations this period; everything is colourful and jolly. All the stores have bright lights and sparkly decorations. Homes have Christmas trees glistening through the window with bright lights and snowflakes and ice sickles coming from the rooftop. I enjoy wrapping up on the couch with tons of blankets and watching good Christmas movies. My favourite is Home Alone and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Those always put me in the mood.

Christmas also gives us opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends and there is nothing as totally satisfying and exciting as spending quality time with your family and friends. The conversations are always funny and entertaining. You create more memories as you reminisce on the old ones. Laughter is on the air and so is a good time. And this is when the best food is cooked. You get fill up and eat more than you ever had. You get to have a wonderful home-cooked meal and gather around the loaded table with family and friends.

Engr. Queen Tardoo-Tsav (Aeronautical Engineer)

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